The beauty of the Transformation Game is the very fact that it is a game—with a game board, cards, coin, die, and of course angels.  Our minds stay connected to the playfulness and joy of life even as we may explore very deep issues within our lives. 

This game provides a safe bridge between current reality, dreams, and the potential to live those dreams in the world.  It attracts the person who wants, without barrier or restriction, to live their fullest possible life.  It can affirm your path in a way that increases your confidence, clarity, and commitment, and is especially instrumental when facing life transitions, confusion between goals, or relationship issues. 

Birthed in the Findhorn Foundation in Northern Scotland over thirty years ago by Joy Drake and Kathy Tyler (, the Transformation Game embodies an expression of the desire to illuminate human consciousness.  The game process has radiated outward, country-by-country, until it is now played throughout the world.

Participants bring their intention and desire to this facilitated experience that, as one player says, “Reflects with incredible accuracy what you need to see about your life, yourself, and your desired direction.”

Life is filled with transitions—some natural, some unexpected, some forced, some hoped for.  We can choose to pass through these moments “unconscious”—surviving as best we can—or we can explore them as doorways to a better, more joyous version of ourselves. 

The Transformation Game provides a SAFE CONTAINER to go through life’s doorways in a conscious heartfelt way.  You explore different outcomes, difficulties you might encounter, shine a light on repeated patterns, and shake hands with the firmness of your resolve.  Guided by a skilled facilitator, it allows you to safely transit from the world you live in to one in which you are, perhaps, being invited or drawn.  It gives you information, ideas, insights, and points of reflection, with the goal of allowing you to become more in alignment with choreography that fits your dreams.

But the goal is singular.  We desire to be the best possible expression of our true selves, and we are willing to explore that through the unique path of this game.

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The facilitated experience of The Transformation Game® allows participants to enter into their process more deeply. In a safe supported environment, the focus for the participant is on discovery and expansion instead of the mechanics and intricacies of the game.

The Transformation Game operates on four levels—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  All levels are always working in our lives but this experience allows us to look at the intention on each level and the facilitator helps to support this process. It allows players to explore how a specific intuition, desire or intention—a life choice—may affect them.  In a synergistic way, by opening themselves to the game through a facilitated process, the subtlety and depth of the game experience are enhanced, allowing more clarity to emerge. 



"What makes the Transformation Game both fun and significant for me is it’s ability to reflect with incredible accuracy exactly what I currently need to see about my life and myself. I have played this extraordinary Game with Nancy (who is wonderful as a human and a facilitator) about 5 times. Each time the Game was insightful, delightful, and profound." --- Rev. Nano Nathan, Sedona AZ


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